Praise for Nicole, the Actor...

"Nicole Berry as the steely Sergeant Davis is a surprise standout."

 (From review of First Date)

- Kristy Puchko, 

"I learned so much by watching Nicole take on the lead character in my short film and bring her to life. Nicole was a pleasure to work with - a good communicator and a gracious professional with spontaneous Judy Garland musical outbursts and diamond-sharp wit. I'm eagerly watching for her next projects."

Tara Grover Smith, Writer & Director

"Nicole is always a pleasure to work with, she takes her time to understand the character fully and bring them to life on screen and she always asks the right questions to play the character as well as she can. Her quirky and fun personality makes the process more enjoyable and easy!"

Randy Nundlall Jr., Writer & Director

"Nicole is a very insightful actress, always asking deep questions about her character and inspiring others to do the same on set. She is careful about how she tells a story and realistic in how she portrays stepping into someone else's life and experience."

Samantha Laurenti, Actor & Filmmaker

Praise for Writing & Direction...

Working on Kurt

“As a director, Nicole is a dream to work with. Being an actor herself, she is fully aware of the process and effectively communicates her vision with careful attention while allowing the actor the space, time, and adjustments required for success in the work. “

Corinne Meadors, Actor

Working on I Thought it Was Dale

"Working on “Dale” felt very natural and easy. Nicole is an incredibly gifted and organized artist with a clear vision for whatever project she undertakes, so I felt very secure to explore my character within the boundaries of the world she set up."

Kristine Aubert, Actor

Praise for Here We Are

"This is a strong example of the slice of life genre."


"This was a joy to discover...."