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Every Cell

Every Cell is an experimental, atmospheric short script fishing for its audience with the tines of crooked DNA. 


The mind is a palace, the body a wonderland, and each cell a haunted prison.

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All Together Now

All Together Now casts a short but pitch dark shadow. Created specifically for the Halloween season of 2020.

Released October 30th 2020.

We all show gratitude in different ways. Here's to thanks everlasting.


Currently in production


Kurt is a slice of life story written with the intent of being produced in full quarantine. 

Release estimate: Spring 2021

Dina is eager to make it work with Kurt, but Maryanne has her doubts.


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I Thought It Was Dale

I Thought It Was Dale was written specifically to be filmed on a video conferencing platform, in full quarantine. It is a comedic and awkward dramatization of the trials of quarantine, family and love. 

Kali can't wait for Glenn to come home, but maybe she should keep her pants on.


Here We Are

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Here We Are is a sweet-and-sour slice of life story about Bea and Arnold, their relationships with each other and the World. An audio drama proof of concept has been produced.


Released December 12th 2020. 

Spotify, Spreaker, Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Deezer & JioSaavn.

Arnold's well greased gut won't help him swallow his pride, but maybe Bea's sting will. 


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Very Little Angel

Very Little Angel was written for the quarantine edition of the Sacramento 48 Hour Film Festival 2020. 

It is a quirky, delightful story about perceptions and possibilities.

When there's no hope in sight, that doesn't mean that it isn't lurking.


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Starling is an experimental screenplay designed for strong visual storytelling with minimal dialogue. A woman living within reflections discovers herself and what influence she has on what realities. 

In a world of reflection, we all have glass houses.  


A name is merely one word with infinite subtext.  

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Interfused is a whimsical reflection on the life of two roommates who are far more than the greatness of their sum.


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